Become a Nurse Aide

A great first step into the fast growing health care field. As a Nurse Aide you will have in demand skills.  Our course prepares you to take the CNA (certified nurse aide) exam. The CNA salary exceeds those without the certification. You will find that a career as a nursing assistant is very rewarding!
Converting Ordinary People Into Heros
Cna Health Care Training

Nursing Assistants are In Demand

Prepare to complete your Nurse Aide Certification!

The nursing assistant classes combine classroom, lab and clinical training to prepare you for the real workplace. Now is a great time to earn your Nurse Aide Certificate to enter the fast growing health care field.

Converting Ordinary People Into Heros
Converting Ordinary People Into Heros
Converting Ordinary People Into Heros

Infection Prevention

Learn how to properly treat as well as prevent infections in patients.

Safety and Body Mechanics

Learn how to move patients safely by understanding body mechanics and techniques.

Resident Care

Learn how to work with patients in resident care.

Long Term Care Facility

Learn how to help people during short-term rehabilitative stays following a surgery, illness or injury.


Learn the process of elimination and how it effects the body.

Bed Making

Learn how to properly make a bed for patient safety and comfort.

Dementia Care

Earn a Dementia Care Certificate.

Mental Health

Learn the basics of patient mental health.

Personal Care

Learn how to assist patients in maintaining their personal care.

Resident Rights

Learn the rights of nursing home residents.

Interaction Skills

Learn how to interact with patients to provide the best possible experience.

Vital Signs

Learn how to take vital signs and communicate them to the nurse or doctor.


Learn important nutrition facts for optimum patient health.


Learn how the environment effects patient recovery and health.

Developmental Disabilities

Learn how to work with patients with developmental disabilities.


Learn the path to patient rehabilitation.


Learn how and when to use patient restraints.

Cultural Diversity

Learn how to work with patients regardless of their culture.

Death and Dying

Learn how to deal with death and dying.
Converting Ordinary People Into Heros

Learn From Registered Nurses

Classes are taught by registered nurses. The class size is kept small for plenty of one on one coaching and consultation. We keep the content interesting and focused on preparing you for the certification exam.
Converting Ordinary People Into Heros

Learn by Doing

Get life like practice in our simulation lab.

Work with manikins in beds and wheelchairs to get hands on experience in a safe and fun way. You learn more by doing and our course keeps you busy with care tasks!

Converting Ordinary People Into Heros
Our instructors take the time to work closely with each student to ensure their success.
I loved Ms. Manning and Ms. Shunda from the 1st day I walked into this office. They made me feel so comfortable. Me being an “older” woman coming to this class I was encouraged to always do my best and was pushed to do so. Thank you for all you do for us!
Kim Richardson
Converting Ordinary People Into Heros

Job Openings

There are jobs waiting for Certified Nurses Aides. You could be trained and on the job in a matter of weeks!

Rewarding Work

Helping those in need is a rewarding occupation. The skills you learn will prepare you to help others recover from injury and illness.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch, or enroll in the Nurse Aide Program.
Learn The Top Ten Reasons To Become a CNA

Learn The Top Ten Reasons To Become a CNA

Interested in what it is like to be a CNA?

Learn why this could be your best entry into a rapidly growing industry. 

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