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We love to talk about health care and changing the lives of the students we serve.
When you are searching for the right training to advance your career, you are sure to have questions. Don’t hesitate to ask, we will help you along your path!

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Charter Health Care Training Center

1055 Charter Drive
Flint, MI 48532

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Our students sucess is our priority. We love to hear from former students to learn about their success and challenges. We pass on the knowledge to our students.
Our classes are taught by experienced staff. Registered Nurses teach our Certified Nurses Training Class. They have years of experience as nurses and share that accumulated knowledge with students to prepare them for the real world. The Pharmacy Technician training is led by an instructor with over thirty years of experience in a retail pharmacy setting. Her insight is shared along with the class work to provide a very rounded education.

If you have questions about our training, or are a previous student with some accumulated knowledge of your own, share it with us and get in touch.

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