Currently, about 9 in 10 people who have cardiac arrest outside the hospital die.

When a person’s heart stops beating, they are in cardiac arrest. The heart cannot pump blood to the rest of the body, including the brain and lungs. Death can happen in minutes without treatment. CPR uses chest compressions to mimic how the heart pumps according to Center for Disease Control and Prenvention (CDC).

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About 350,000 cardiac arrests happen outside of hospitals each year—and about 7 in 10 of those happen at home. Unfortunately, about half of the people who experience cardiac arrests at home don’t get the help they need from bystanders before an ambulance arrives. Learn some surprising facts about CPR, cardiac arrest, and how you can be prepared to help save a life.

CPR Classes

Charter Health Care Training Center offers AHA American Heart Association CPR approved certification classes. If you are in need of group certifications or have special circumstances, please call 810-600-6000. People who have cardiac arrests may benefit from CPR, yet many people who witness cardiac arrest do not perform CPR. Learn about CPR so you can be prepared. We offer special rates for CPR group classes and may be able to travel to your location. The primary AHA CPR classes that are regularly offered include:

CPR AED Heartsaver First AidHeartsaver® First Aid CPR AED teaches students the necessary critical skills in emergency first response and management of choking, first aid, or sudden cardiac arrest. Students are taught to treat sprains, bleeding, broken bones, shock and additional first aid emergency techniques.

The course is approximately 4 to 5 hours

AED CPR HeartsaverHeartsaver® CPR AED is an instructor-led course with videos that teach AED, adult CPR, and choking relief. The course uses Practice-While-Watching techniques that allow instructors to provide feedback as they observe the students as they learn the required skills.

The course is approximately 3 to 4 hours

BLS for Healthcare ProvidersThe BLS “Basic Life Support“ Classroom Course for Healthcare Providers teaches various healthcare professionals the skills needed to recognize life-threatening emergencies, use an AED, provide CPR and relieve choking effectively and timely.

The course is approximately 4 to 5 hours

BLS for Renewal*The BLS Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers Classroom Course provides a variety of professionals in healthcare the skills to recognize life-threatening emergencies, use an AED, provide CPR and give choking relief in an efficient and prompt fashion.

The course is approximately 2 to 3 hours