A great first step into the fast growing health care field. As a Nurse Aide you will have in demand skills. Our course prepares you to take the CNA (certified nurse aide) exam. You will find that a career as a nursing assistant is very rewarding!

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The Nurse Aide salary is dependent on the location, but is over $28,000 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics., The CNA salary exceeds those without the certification and you can work anywhere!

Learn by Doing

Prepare to complete your Nurse Aide Certification! The nursing assistant classes combine classroom, lab and clinical training to prepare you for the real workplace. Now is a great time to earn your Nurse Aide Certificate to enter the fast growing health care field.

Infection PreventionLearn procedures on how to deliver medications or pharmaceutical supplies to patients, nursing stations, or surgery.

Safety and Body MechanicsLearn how to move patients safely by understanding body mechanics and techniques.

Resident CareLearn how to work with patients in resident care.

Long Term Care FacilityLearn how to help people during short-term rehabilitative stays following a surgery, illness or injury.

EliminationLearn the process of elimination and how it effects the body.

Bed MakingLearn how to properly make a bed for patient safety and comfort.

Dementia CareEarn a Dementia Care Certificate.

Mental HealthLearn the basics of patient mental health.

Personal CareLearn how to assist patients in maintaining their personal care.

Resident RightsLearn the rights of nursing home residents.

Interaction SkillsLearn how to interact with patients to provide the best possible experience.

Vital SignsLearn how to take vital signs and communicate them to the nurse or doctor.

NutritionLearn important nutrition facts for optimum patient health.

EnvironmentLearn how the environment effects patient recovery and health.

Developmental DisabilitiesLearn how to work with patients with developmental disabilities.

RehabilitationLearn the path to patient rehabilitation.

RestraintsLearn how and when to use patient restraints.

Cultural DiversityLearn how to work with patients regardless of their culture.

Death and DyingLearn how to deal with death and dying.